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Gheorghe Piperea

Professional activity

Gheorghe Piperea is the founder of the "Piperea & Asociatii", and one of the most prestigious personalities of the Romanian legal field. With more than 13 years of experience, he permanently contributes to the firm's development with his own personal attention and advice, in every case.


During 1994 and 1996, Gheorghe Piperea performed as a judge at the Bucharest First District Court of Law. Since since 1996, he has been a member of the Bucharest Bar Association. In 2007 he received the membership of the Bucharest Bar Association Council.


His implication in the Romanian legal area is very complex: on the one hand, through his practical activity as an attorney, and through his participation in the different bills elaboration, and through books and articles publication, and his pedagogical activity, on the other hand.


His specialty domains are insolvency, commercial companies, stock markets, healthcare legislation, transportation law and banking law.


In the insolvency area, Gheorghe Piperea signed more than 40 amendments to the insolvency law. He is the author of the law regarding the organization of the insolvency profession practitioner, and of the preventive concordat law also. During 2005 and 2006, he contributed to the mediation legislation development, being the author of the Legal Profession Ordinance concerning the meditation. He has also been appointed by the Ministry of Justice as a Romanian expert for analyzing the modification of the  Commercial Company Law (Law no.31/1990).


Gheorghe Piperea has coordinated the legal team responsible for the juridical notifications elaboration and opinions for the Ministry of Public Health which determined the implementation of the modifications to the health care legislation - one of our most important law firm reference.
Gheorghe Piperea is the author of Commercial companies, stock markets. Communitarian acquis study, being one of the Romanian specialists in the markets legislation. He is  co-author of the comment of the Law no.31/1990 regarding commercial companies, published in three editions (2001, 2002, 2006) by C.H. Beck Publishing House. Gheorghe Piperea also wrote Commercial companies: reglementation, doctrine. Jurisprudence and The obligations and the responsibility of the commercial companies administrators, published at Beck Publishing House. Some of the reference articles written by Gheorghe Piperea are: The juridical system of the fiscal transparency, Fondul Proprietatea will short-circuit the business environment and Change resistance comes from the state companies.


"Piperea & Asociatii" founder's professional experience is based on a thorough theoretical grounding. Gheorghe Piperea is doctor-in-law of the University of Bucharest and of the University of Sorbonne I - Pantheon from Paris. His doctorate thesis, "The European Communitarian acquis in the commercial companies and stock markets area",  was admitted with the highest mark by both of the universities.

Gheroghe Piperea has a tenure at the University of Bucharest in Romanian Commercial Law, in Transportation Law, in Bankruptcy Law as part of the Business Law post-graduation studies program. With his pedagogical activity, Gheorghe Piperea is actively involved in shaping up the future of the new generation of law specialists.



Gheorghe Piperea founded the "Bucharest Mediation and Arbitration Center" Association, affiliated to the Bucharest Bar Association. Since 2001, he has been the administrator of the Professional Society of Romanian Insolvency Practitioners RomInsolv Consulting, and, since 2004 - vice president of the National Union of Romanian Insolvency Practitioners. Gheorghe Piperea is a member of the INSOL EUROPE Management Committee.

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